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AN1x Editor

  • Publisher:Yamaha
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  • Operation System:Mac OS System 7.5 of later
  • License:Freeware
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AN1x Editor Description

An editor/librarian for the YAMAHA AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Control Synthesizer.
In order to have AN1x Editor perform optimally you have to assure it a display resolution of minimum 832 x 624 pixels. The program will operate at lower resolution but will require the main program screen to be scrolled.The program allows easy access to all parameters of the AN1x via MIDI system exclusive messages for voice and sequence manipulation. Resultant edits may be stored to AN1xEdit library files (.AN1) for later retrieval and transmission to the AN1x synth. In addition the program provides comprehensive bulk dump functions for the transmission and retrieval of voice/sequence patches to and from the AN1x synthesizer. Bulk dump parameters may also be exported to convenient file formats for use with popular software sequencer packages i.e. Type 0 Standard MIDI Files (.MID) and MIDIEX files (.SYX).AN1xEdit has been designed to provide optimum feedback and real-time editing of AN1x voices and sequences. Although the program is designed to operate as intuitively as possible, reading this document and the Hypertext Help file thoroughly will enable you to get the best from the editor. Requirements:
· Memory: 16Mbytes
· Hard Disk: 8Mbytes
· Display: 256 Colour Display or greater
· Opcodes Open Music System Driver (OMS V2 or above)
· Mac OS compliant Midi Interface
· AN1x Control Synthesizer

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